You can ask anyone that knows me. I am picky about my water. Water is not created equal. Water! The saving liquid of life. It keeps us alive. How do people chose to drink pop when water is what your body craves! Without it we parish. We can only survive about 3-7 days without water. We can survive for almost 6.5 weeks without food! Puts things into categories of what our body really craves. I know it is hard to drink water. I think it’s a boring thing to drink and takes up room in your stomach. However, I have grown to love water. I now crave water. STRAIGHT and on THE ROCKS…lol! Did you know that dehydration actually makes you feel hunger? So actually it can aid you in gaining weight when you DON’T drink water. There are ways to make your water tastier. I like adding just plain lemon or lime. But I am curious to try other flavors. Some people have  added berries, cucumber, mint, orange, etc… I must admit I haven’t been adventurous yet with my water. I have to admit from my opening statement that I don’t like water from a faucet too much. NOT too much. To my detriment, I will sometimes go without water if I cannot have filtered water. I even go as far as to say I like reverse osmosis systems. This might actually shock a lot of people but most bottled water is actually less regulated than tap water. So do some digging up on water systems and get yourself one. I know it is an investment but it would be worth you checking into at least! REMEMBER LOOKING FOR REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTERS! So I guess today I will leave you with a couple fruit infused waters to check out.


ENJOY! Drink at least half your body weight in oz. every day…

so if you weigh 200 lbs drink 100 oz.

if you weigh 250 lbs drink 125 oz.

you get the idea…


3 thoughts on “TIME TO DRINK!

    • Thanks fog the encouragement. I am gearing up to start my 12 week again. So if you want to come along with me I would love the company. I looooove doing this blog and hear from people once in a little while. So when I do I get super excited! So thanks got being a loyal reader. It puts a smile on my face.

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